Let’s get your calendar under control — at a glance — once and for all.

Entrepreneurship is really hard — but you’re doing it, every day. You deliver an exceptional client experience, but you’re overwhelmed. Trying to keep track of all the hats you wear is exhausting. Let’s give you the freedom of your own time back.

Now you can have clarity about your workload — without having to pull up a spreadsheet or log in to anything. 

Here’s what you get with this workbook download:
  • 23 pages outlining my tried-and-true Stick To It calendar system, so you can tell right away if you’re available/booked, keep track of all your admin work, and maintain flexibility within your daily routine.
  • Suggestions and examples for various industries, so you can make it work for your specific service-based business, even as a DIY.
  • Straightforward, step-by-step layout, so you can do this on your own without confusion!
  • Instant download access, so you can implement this system right away, alongside whatever processes you’ve already put in place.

Oh, and the best part? It’s only $49.

I can tell you right out of the gate that my first thought on reading through was – ‘I bought a mindset, not just a workbook!‘ – which is huge!!! I’ve been in the habit of scheduling hour by hour, but tend to overestimate what can be done that way, and then it’s so tight that I’m never meeting the schedule I’ve set and drop the ball. Or several… I can already tell [it] will be transformative.

-Abby j, just a few hours after purchasing

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