Treat yourself to clarity and confidence in your calendar.

You’re balancing full-time business operations with being a real person. By day, you handle everything for your business. Client work to social media, new inquiries to inbox management, project excellence to bookkeeping. By night (and by weekend), you like to really be present, spending QT with family and enjoying some well-deserved balance.

At this point, you’ve figured out a workflow for what it is you actually do from inquiry to fulfillment. When you’re in a good groove, you can move things along like a well-oiled machine. You manage to complete all of your projects on time, but you feel like you’re always behind. By missing your own internal deadlines, you’re causing unnecessary stress to yourself so you don’t miss a final due date and disappoint your beloved clients!

How do I know?

I’ve been doing it for my own creative business since 2014 — two years before I’d even leave my day job to go full-time as an entrepreneur.

I guess it’s high time I properly introduce myself, so hi! I’m Leah Sachs, a scheduling consultant for small business owners who are ready to feel empowered by the flexibility that entrepreneurship affords them, instead of overwhelmed by their own calendar.

For many years, I worked at a venture capital firm, as the CEO’s executive assistant. I scheduled another (very busy) person’s entire life, down to the minute. His days were fast-paced, jam-packed with responsibility, and different every day. Turns out, it’s much the same as a creative entrepreneur.

Although my time spent scheduling someone else’s days for a living ended in 2016 when I went full-time with my calligraphy and invitations business, I’ve still been scheduling everything since then to keep my business operating smoothly.

After so many years working with a high profile calendar, and many more since then with my own project calendar, scheduling feels like a second skin to me. I never thought twice about it — and didn’t realize so many creative entrepreneurs struggled with this. That is, until I posted an Instagram story about my calligraphy availability for an upcoming holiday season, noting how many spots I had remaining. A fellow designer reached out, wondering:

How do you have such a good handle on your client workload that you know this so clearly? I can’t seem to get this right, no matter how hard I try.

And that’s when I realized that the Stick To It system I’d developed so many years earlier wasn’t just my dorky second skin:

it was my secret weapon.

I’ve now taken my Stick To It system and spelled it out really simply, so you can implement it into your own business. It’s time to feel clear about what projects you’re taking on, when you’re doing each step of them, and when you’re making all the other responsibilities in your business a priority, too.

Let’s get your calendar under control, at a glance, once and for all.

How do you want to slay the calendar dragon?

I’ve got two ways to help:
Download the workbook

Get the entire Stick To It calendar system outlined

  • Nail it as a DIY — you’re doing everything else in your business, so why not this, too?
  • Keep your cost low! Every penny counts toward your bottom line.
Work with me 1-on-1

Receive a complete brand audit and personal mentorship session

  • Get the guide, plus personalized suggestions for implementing the Stick To It calendar system
  • Fill out a questionnaire in advance, and spend 90 minutes video chatting with me doing a deep dive into your process

Trusted to teach my Stick To It strategy by…

 The School of Styling

Michigan Association of Calligraphers

Creative entrepreneurs, just like you

If scheduling effectively is my secret weapon, a la Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, what about the rest of my bag of tricks?

Here are a few of my must-haves:

Adam. My husband, CFO/unpaid intern, and all-around better half. He’s the relaxed to my rigid, the funny to my serious, and the Purdue to my Michigan State.

Lint roller. Whew, I use it all.the.time. with the pup we have around here. His name is Lake and he’s my super cute, super floofy studio assistant. Backup tool of choice? The daily scheduled robot vacuum!

Garden. Well, at least in three seasons, and garden plans in the winter.Working with growing blooms is such therapy for me. Plus, fresh-cut flowers always perk up the dining room table.

Under-eye concealer. Ahem, creative entrepreneur here, too.

Gold ink. Calligrapher through and through — can’t help myself.

Chocolate chips. Perfect snack, any time of day. 

I know you’re doing amazing things. Lots of them. Let’s help you keep track of it all, in a clear way that makes sense.

Want to work together?

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